Nikita: Set ’em Up, Knock ’em Down?

Plot twist!

This is where it gets interesting.

Despite being burdened with being a show on The CW, Nikita has been so consistently impressive its starting to become ridiculous. The show has managed to keep a coherent plot throughout so many twists and turns, all the while throwing action and espionage in our faces to the largest extent possible. All season long we’ve been building to this week and despite the grim outlook for the close to the season as of last week, the finale is now set up to be great.

After being “discovered” as Nikita’s mole last week, Alex is well and truly in at the deep end. Being tortured for information seemed like the obvious route and it played out that way for a few minutes, but then the show took the first of many unexpected twists. Throwing Amanda out of the room, Percy began to give us a wealth of information from left, right and center. Essentially, Division aren’t all that important, a group called Oversight runs them and Percy has a master just like everyone else. Whilst that revelation wasn’t exactly shocking, as Percy gets deeper into what exactly has been going on recently, the show just about hits its peak.

Whilst all of that is going on, there is a mission for Nikita: Following the deaths of several cryptographers capable of decoding her black box, she must save a CIA analyst before he is the next victim. Sadly the lack of peril in the situation kind of makes it all feel just a little redundant. Whilst you might argue that Alex’s predicament is enough for the episode to keep you on the edge of your seat, it seems that the writers missed a trick in totally amping up the whole episode. If everything starts to go terribly wrong instead of just this and that, we’re all far more inclined to be coming back for the finale, right?

Either way, Nikita gets her man and goes about her business whilst sending Michael to check on Alex. After being played by several staff members, Michael finally comes across our child hero before being forced to turn a gun on Percy in an attempt to break them both out of the building. Sufficed to say, I suppose the writers may have listened to what I said before, as Michael’s plan fails and now he too is “exposed” as a traitor. As if the quotation marks hadn’t already told you, Percy then proceeds to hand us the aforementioned information about recent events. Essentially, he has known about our rag-tag team of protagonists for a while now and he has been playing them to enact a plan of his to take the top spot on the intelligence service ladder. Knowing that she’d have no other choice than to hand her black box over to the CIA, Percy allowed Nikita to capture one of them and has done something to it (were not exactly sure what yet) that is going to make him King.

The episode concludes with Alex — freed after agreeing to turn against Nikita because she has learnt that she was the one who killed her father — and Nikita heading into a trap. There is the ever-so-cliche use of a gunshot and fade to black as we are left to ponder whether Alex has just shot her former mentor or whether it was just some kind of warning shot, which amazingly was kind of cool.

It’s very difficult to draw a real conclusion about this episode until we see how it all pans out. If the writers find a way to end the show strongly, without sucking all of the reality out of the situation, then I would more than welcome a second season, however, if there is little more than Nikita beating up a whole bunch of people and giving a speech about right and wrong it will feel like a letdown. “Betrayals” served as a strong setup, and now the writers just need to put it into the end zone.

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